With my pencil drawings, I usually start from sketching different versions of a still life subject, or a resource photo. I have, in the past, used Prisma Color brand pencils, all with varying weights, but I prefer to use a simple mechanical pencil, as it gives me the finest possible details.

When I use either pencil, or a TechLiner (Ink), I draw on a heavy pound cardstock. As you can see with some of my pencil drawings, I begin by toning my paper, so that I have more values to play with by shading, and using my eraser to tint.

Althea Tix
Audrina Lush
Chante Kline
Rena Nevado
Celine Dion
Alan Torbett
Cupcake Kaileemykles
David Enright
Dolly Parton
Harvey Milk
Jacob Peart
James White
Jessica Hische
Kyle Marshall
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga 2
Lana Del Rey
Maddi Welch
Matthu Jewel
Nate Ward
Thomas Perry
Warren Carlyle