Digital portraits are some of my most recent. My first digital painting was for a client, Nene Leakes, who was originally featured as a cast member on the reality television show Real Housewives of Atlanta, and has gone on to compete on The Apprentice, and act on Glee. From there, I continued to create digital paintings for clients, and friends.

My recent digital painting of Florence Welch, was hand-picked by her, and featured in an East London Gallery Show, along with 50 other artists, and designers. I look up to such digital artists as Glen Hanson, Berto Martinez, and Christin Zakh. I begin with a sketch in Adobe Photoshop, create a skin tone color pallet to work from, and go with the flow.

Adele 2
Daniel Ching MiroQuartet
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Florence Welch
Gilbert Hernandez
Jordan Grantham
Joshua Gindele MiroQuartet
Lady Gaga 2
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